/Most Effective Email Marketing Strategies For Startups

Most Effective Email Marketing Strategies For Startups

Online retailers are always looking for ways to promote their brand and increase sales. One of the most effective methods includes email marketing. Email marketing has been known to generate around 30% of the total sales on your website.

With the help of email marketing, you can build long-lasting relationships with your existing customers. Email marketing is a successful business strategy that can promote your business in the right way.

To create the perfect email marketing campaign, there are certain aspects to keep in mind. We are going to help you devise the most effective email marketing strategy for your eCommerce business to help you build a loyal customer base.

1. Get Subscribers

Before you start, you need subscribers to send emails to. Generating a subscriber list is very easy and crucial for your eCommerce business. There are many ways you can ask customers for their email address, this includes creating exciting promotional pop-ups on your website, offering discounts, or dripping content.

Customers are more likely to subscribe if they are getting special benefits and offers. Automatic Lead Generator is among the best WooCommerce marketing plugins available that can help you set up these features easily.

2. Segment your List

Sending out generalized emails to all your subscribers is not the way to go. Customers are more likely to open your email if it is tailored to them. Thus it is important to segment your lists based on different criteria such as interest, previous purchases, personality, clicks, engagement on a website, abandoned cart, etc.

By segmenting your customers, you know how to interact with them and what offers they will be interested in. It is an excellent way to build relationships with your customers and keep them happy.

3. Send Automated Emails

First impressions are lasting. Sending your customers a personalized welcome email once they subscribe is a great way to start your loyalty program. Customers are more likely to engage if you stay in contact. You can also offer them a discount on their welcome emails as a way to get them back on your site. This also lets your customers know what type of benefits they will be receiving throughout the subscription.

Other instances include sending automated emails for order confirmation, tracking information, in-stock items, etc. Constant Contact is one of the best eCommerce marketing plugins suitable for this job.

4. Offer discount and coupons

Your loyal customers are responsible for more than half the sales on your eCommerce site. Thus, it is time to pay them back with generosity. To retain customers and improve your email marketing campaign, the best method is to offer special discounts and offers to your customers.

Here your segmented lists are helpful as you can easily separate your regular and loyal customers and send them personalized discounts and offers on items they are interested in. Another interesting way to engage your customers is by up-selling and cross-selling similar items according to their previous purchases and adding special coupons on them.

There are many WooCommerce marketing plugins available for this purpose such as Dynamic pricing, scratch coupons, BOGO deals, etc.

5. Reminders

Don’t let your customers forget about you. To increase sales and conversion rates, it is necessary to engage with your customers as much as possible. Reminder emails are an excellent opportunity to interact with your customers and increase productivity.

More than 70% of customers leave their cart just before checking out, thus reminder emails can be sent for cart abandonment recovery purposes. You can also entice them with special discounts on their cart items, nudging them to complete the process. You can also send emails regarding unused coupons and discounts.

Yith Recover Abandoned Cart is one of the best WooCommerce marketing plugins for this purpose.

6. Statistical Analysis 

Is all the effort you applied to your email marketing campaign being beneficial for your business? Therefore, It is important to monitor the results of your emails and how it impacts your business. There are many eCommerce marketing plugins available that give you real-time analysis and insights about your email campaign. This includes Metrilo, Jilt, etc. These plugins can help you customize and improve your marketing campaigns to profit your brand as well as your customers.


Email marketing is a means to increase conversion rates and sales. It is an excellent way to market your products and services and retain loyal customers.


By following this strategy, you get a guaranteed increase in traffic and revenue.  You can also use email marketing for referrals, promotional emails, waitlists, and generating high-quality content for your customers. Email marketing is a necessity for online stores as it increases engagement with customers and portrays competence.


There are many WooCommerce marketing plugins available that can help you build your brand and promote it wisely.