/5 Tips for Proper Shoe Care

5 Tips for Proper Shoe Care

Taking care of your shoes is one of the most sustainable things you can do. Shoes basically serve many purposes, some we wear for comfort, some for health, some for occasions, travel and others as high fashion. But just like clothes or other accessories, our shoes also need regular care as with the right kind of attention, a pair of shoes can last for decades but negligence can be hard to undo.

People are often unaware of how to care for their shoes and end up buying new ones very frequently, that means old shoes end up in landfills, which is not very environmentally friendly. 

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 tips to care for your shoes so they last longer:

1)  Follow a Proper Cleaning Routine:

Try to have a shoe cleaning kit handy with a cleaning brush, a shoe polish, or a shoe polish spray, etc. to maintain the shine. For tender cleaning purposes, you can also use a toothbrush. To maintain the quality of the shoe, clean them after every use.

2) Clean the Shoe Sole:

Great shoes start with great soles, so maintaining your shoe soles is important. Ensure the soles of your shoes are clean and tidy by regularly tamping them outside so that dust falls off, then clean the soles with a brush or wash the soles and let them dry completely before wearing them.

3) Store Them Properly:

Proper shoe storage is an important part of shoe care. For this either you can use separate shoe bags to store your shoes or arrange them neatly in a shoe rack. In anyways, keep them away from dirt, other damageable elements, and sunlight. If you are ready to invest a little in your shoe collection then it’s a great choice to buy a shoe tree as it helps retain shoes’ shape and reduce creases.

4) Keep Shoes Away from Moisture:

Always keep your shoes away from moisture, as it promotes the growth of bacteria which in turn can break the sole or damage the entire material easily. To keep shoes moisture & bacteria-free, use desiccants like silica pouches or gels, and in case you don’t have these, stuff your shoes with newspapers and change them after a week or so, thereby protecting your soles from moisture and removing bad smells from shoes.

5) Avoid Plastic Shoe Boxes:

Proper air circulation is necessary for shoe soles and therefore, cardboard or plastic shoe boxes are not good for storage. Use bags made from breathable fabric or material to store your shoes, it’s more efficient for better air circulation.


Seeing your favorite or most expensive shoes wear off with time is for sure a disheartening feeling. Nevertheless, a bit of extra effort and a proper shoe care routine can rejuvenate your shoes. On the other hand, well-maintained shoes can always be touched up, repaired, remolded, or even smoothed over.

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