/Why You Should Learn a Third Language as an International Student in Australia
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Why You Should Learn a Third Language as an International Student in Australia

As the world becomes increasingly globalized and bilingualism has now perhaps become the most useful real-world skill, learning a third language has got wonderful benefits. Engaging with an unfamiliar language, not only helps international students while traveling, but it also has a great advantage in both personal and career prospects abroad.

When people think of Australia, the first thing that comes to mind is a lot of greenery, the wide-open spaces of the bush, koalas, kangaroos, etc. But being a growing destination, Australia has definitely much more to offer than the usual expectations.

After the US & the UK, Australia is currently the third most popular destination preferred by international students. 

Many international students are choosing this country because of its excellent education system, friendly, laid-back nature, and high standard of living. Therefore, acquiring a third language while being an international student in Australia can help you with strong cognitive skills such as multitasking, effective cross-cultural communication, improving social interaction and encouraging connection between peers.

Almost 72% of Australians speak English as their first language. While English is the dominant language in Australia, many people speak a language other than English including Chinese, Mandarin, French, German, Korean, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, etc. within their families and communities.

This linguistic diversity is an asset for Australia, makes this country more competitive in education systems, job opportunities, trade as well as fostering international ties and cultural exchanges.

Now here are a few reasons why you should learn a third language as an international student in Australia:

1) Act Smarter

Learning a third language can improve the functionality of your brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate and communicate in different language systems. Students, who can communicate in different foreign languages other than English, tend to be good multi-taskers and are seen able to score better on standardized tests especially in categories like reading, vocabulary, mathematics, etc. Speaking a foreign language can even make you more attractive, interesting, and gives you an air of intelligence.

2) Great for Social Life

Speaking other languages other than your mother tongue and English helps you move outside your own world. It enables you to travel like a local and is also great for your social life, creating better communications or friendships. Being able to speak to someone in their native languages helps you build a sense of awareness of yourself, & of others.

3) Opens Up a World of Job Opportunities

Learning a third language as an international student in Australia can improve your employment prospects and gives you an additional advantage. Being able to communicate in other languages makes you much more valuable to an employer and having that competitive edge on your resume is without a doubt an eye-catcher. So, why not give yourself every possible edge? 

4) Improves Performance in Academics

Be it whatever subject you’re specializing in, multilingual language skills boost your ability to do well in problem-solving tasks throughout your academics.

5) Increases Networking Skills

Opening up to a new culture through their language allows you to be more flexible and appreciative of other people’s opinions, actions, and culture As a result, you get to see the world from different viewpoints, enhancing your ability to communicate in today’s connected world.

6) Enhance your Confidence

Learning a third language is a great way to boost your self-esteem and help develop more confidence, which will in turn help you to overcome fears and doubts in other aspects of your life.

7) Travel with Ease

Traveling as a speaker of the local language can revolutionize your travel. Travelers who know more than two languages are more easily able to navigate outside the tourist bubble and connect with the place and its people in a way that is often inaccessible to those who are monolingual.

Wrapping It!

Learning a third language as an adult is definitely a challenging process. Though the skeptics out there might find this a hard thing to do but, the truth is that the benefit of speaking a third language especially as an international student in Australia is far outweighing any challenges. Australia is a country that provides great opportunities to international students to become independent. 

Therefore, studying a third language is an investment in your future, no matter your age. 

So, what’s your next language?

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