/Why The Modern World Needs Massage

Why The Modern World Needs Massage

The earth has existed without gadgets, smartphones, email, internet, Facebook,50” LED TVs, Video chat, or Wifi for hundreds of thousands of years.

But here we are in the year 2021, wired in, hooked up, paired, stimulated, and engaged in full HD from the instant we wake until we go to sleep.

Even so, your regular dose of stimulants like caffeine will prevent you from having the healthy, deep sleep you need until waking up, plugging in, and turning back on.

Do we really shut off?                                  

The importance of massage in this new era cannot be overstated. In this article, I’ll address why I believe massage is such an effective tool for surviving in today’s world.

Be Connected

What choices are there for those who want to remain “connected” to fully detach from “life” and reconnect with themselves?

Do you want to meditate? Taking a yoga class does sound appealing.

How about going for a walk or a run?

All of those are good choices, but in today’s world, you often need a hand, or more accurately two hands, to reconnect with who you are.

Massage is a strong method for reconnecting with reality and coping with everyday demands, and you would be shocked by how much evidence there is for massage therapy’s benefits in handling the impact of modern life.

Effect Of Modern Lifestyle

Long-term job stress is more likely to lead to depression than recent life pressures.

Muscles tense up when the body is pressured. Muscle tension is the body’s way of protecting itself from damage and discomfort in response to stress.

Chronic stress triggers the muscles in the body to be in a state of defensiveness most of the time.

When muscles are stiff and stressed for long durations, it can provoke other body reactions and even stress-related disorders.

Tension-type headaches and migraine headaches are due to constant muscle tension in the shoulders, neck, and head.

The Role Of Massage

Massage therapy performed massively better than the various control therapies in both the treatment of depression and the treatment of anxiety.

Massage has been shown to help oncology patients control anxiety and depression, and it is often recommended by medical and health professionals all over Australia.

Massage is just as effective for those living with cancer as it is for those seeking relief from the effects of stress.

Although the mechanisms are not well understood, we can see that massage therapy reduces the physical symptoms of stress, such as increased muscle tone, breathing rate, and blood pressure.

The Bottom Line

Long-term use of this massage therapy can effectively alleviate pain while also lowering anxiety and dramatically improving mood. Each of these treatments boosts a person’s overall health.

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