/Why Plantation Shutters Are Ideal For Every Room
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Why Plantation Shutters Are Ideal For Every Room

Plantation shutters’ adaptability is maybe one of their best features. They look fantastic in practically any setting! You can use them as your home décor and for getting more natural light inside your home.

In this article, we can look into the places where we can install shutters and their uses. Let’s jump in!

Living Room

First, let’s take a look at the living room. Because the living room is usually the room in the house where the most time is spent, having the greatest window coverings available is very vital. OZ Plantation Shutters can assist you to match your living room’s decor with your shutters. You may also regulate the temperature and brightness of the space by opening or closing the louvres to various degrees.

Dining Room

The dining room is another space that might benefit from plantation shutters. The dining room, like the living room, is frequently used for entertaining, and depending on the tone you want to create, you can darken or brighten the area to achieve it.


Plantation shutters can also be used in the bedrooms of your home. Your bedrooms may be the most crucial rooms for managing incoming light, especially on weekends when you wish to sleep in a bit later! During the hot summer months, you may wish to keep them a little cooler.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Plantation shutters are also perfect for the kitchen, which is another high-traffic area in your home. When cooking, the kitchen can get quite hot. This is the ideal time to close the louvres and block off the sun. Kitchens and toilets are also frequently flooded with moisture, thanks to steam and heat from cooking. OZ Plantation Shutters are long-lasting and ideal for places with a lot of moisture.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters

  • Interior plantation shutters provide you with the ability to control light and maintain privacy in your house. Depending on the angle of the wood slats, they can easily be altered to allow or prevent visibility.
  • Because wooden shutters are thicker than many other forms of window coverings, they are more effective at blocking harmful UV rays when closed.
  • Many other forms of window coverings are more difficult to clean than these beautiful qualities. In most situations, all you need to do is dust them regularly, just like any other wood element in your home.


Make a call to OZ Plantation Shutters right now! We can make your shutters in any shape, colour, or size you want. Whatever your decorating style, we can produce the ideal shutter to complement your home.