/Why Is It Important to Boost Followers On Instagram for Startups?

Why Is It Important to Boost Followers On Instagram for Startups?

With more than 800 million users worldwide and 600 million active accounts every day, Instagram is the biggest and popular social networking sites in 2020. It is also a leading marketing platform for all types of business promotion than any other Social marketing platform such as Facebook and Pinterest. Because Instagram not only helps to promote your brand and keeps a consistent online presence but also gives an identity to your brand and helps you to reach in front of the right audience. According to Kissmetrics “the images in the Instagram allow viewers to make their own decisions without feeling pressure from your business, removing the dreaded used-car salesman from the scenario”- and of course, we can’t relate to anything more than this! – The creative space for delivering visual information is what sets Instagram better and best for any business from any other social media marketing platform. To share more about the perks of Instagram for business, Caerus- a top social media marketing agency in Leeds has compiled a list of 5 major reasons why small businesses should adopt Instagram and start using it. 

Let’s see it!

  • It gives an identity to Your Brand

More than any social networking media, Instagram is a visual platform that runs completely on visual media such as images and videos along with text description. This visual feed helps to display your brand one step closer than text feeds and makes your business unique from others.  

  • Boost Your Sales

With an average of 90% accounts following at least one business on Instagram, it is evident that Instagram is the perfect marketing tool for any business promotion. Moreover, having a comprehensive space to present your business increases the chances of getting discovered easily by the target audience in an organic way. On the other hand, with paid promotions, you also get the chance of reaching target people in higher volume and boost the sales based upon your marketing spend.

  • Keeps you engaged

 Instagram has some really amazing feature called “stories” which is mainly built to maintain a consistent online presence with their existing followers and keep them relatable and interesting. This feature not only keeps your presence online and but also helps your brand to remain in top-of-mind to the target people. Also, other features such as Live, reels, IGTV helps you to connect with the audience in a more personal way. Making use of all these features develop a strategy for promoting your brand more compellingly. 

  • Meet more Like-Minded People

We all know that Social media is all about networking and meeting people – and Instagram is no exception from this. It is a great place to meet like-minded people who share similar interests like you. With hashtags, you can find these persons and expand the social network to the fullest. Moreover, collaborating with Instagram influencers helps to influence your brand and helps to reach by more people.

To Sum Up

Instagram is a tool specifically built to promote a brand’s identity, user engagement, gain more audience, and drive conversion. With more and more businesses shifting to the new-age digital marketing strategies, having a strong online presence is important to stay ahead of the competition. However, getting help from a social media marketing company ensures a strategic marketing method designed for your unique needs. Not to worry, we can help! We are a top social media company in Leeds, United Kingdom. Our social media experts built Powerful, Bespoke Social Media Marketing Strategies to help you achieve success on Instagram marketing. Feel free to connect with us to inquire more about our services here.