Are you doing any online business in Singapore? If yes, read on to the end. This blog gives you an idea of how to improve your online business with the help of a delivery service.

Choosing a good courier/delivery service for business is very important. Because for a business in online; half of the work is done by the courier service provider. If it is efficient and the best in service then there is no doubt that your business will grow upwards. So business owners should be aware of the strategies and ways to choose the best delivery service in Singapore.

Tips to choose the best shipping service for your online business

Before hiring a shipping service in Singapore you should know the following.


Most of the delivery service companies follow a pricing pattern based on parcel’s count, weight, and size.

For online businesses, if the ordered products are not heavy, you can select a national postal service at a lower cost. If the products weigh much, you can choose a private courier service or delivery service company that offers the best standard and budget-friendly shipping.

You must also aware of the insurance of your shipments. Most of the standard companies assure you insurance for all the products they deliver. The business owner should have an idea about insuring their exports as this will help to guarantee the products like fragile items.

Shipping costs

Offering free delivery is always a good idea, as it can be a common reason for dropping the shopping cart in online business. But this is an expensive expense for you, and you may have to increase your rate of the product or turn some of your profits into shipping costs.

The second option is to offer free shipping only above a certain purchase price. The next option is to offer a certain flat rate for the parcels having the same weight or you’ve found it to be cost-effective over time.

The criteria commonly used by online business couriers to calculate shipping costs are:

  • Size of the parcel
  • Weight of the parcel
  • Insurance
  • Starting location(country)
  • Destination location (country)

International shipments

For shipping such as international shipping, most of the companies provide very affordable rates. The important thing is to create a chart of rates for international shipping on your  website page so that your customer can easily understand the rates.

Terms and conditions

Be sure to mention your terms and conditions on your “Terms and Conditions” pages, as this will help your customers and delivery service partners learn more about your company. Also, help reduce fake offers from your courier service partners.

For example, you should indicate that your company is responsible only until the products are delivered to the delivery service providers, after which all the responsibilities are in the hands of the delivery service companies. This will help your delivery service company to make their job better.

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