/Why are CIOs Hyper-Focused on Cost Containment & the Importance of TEM in 2023
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Why are CIOs Hyper-Focused on Cost Containment & the Importance of TEM in 2023

In today’s digital economy, IT is playing an increasingly important role as a driver of innovation. At the same time, there is a high level of cost pressure, and business leaders are aware of the value that IT can generate for their organizations. To increase overall company value in the digital age, companies need to focus intelligently on key factors and manage to spend appropriately.

As defined, cost containment is the process of reducing expenditures to increase profitability while preventing unnecessary expenditures. It is usually possible to maintain expense levels by reducing employees and/or benefits.

As CIOs deal with the operational challenges of the crisis, they are already focused on prudent IT cost management. To understand where to make cuts and invest, CIOs must assess their business’s strategic context. A company can reduce costs in three stages: minimization (rapid cost reduction), optimization (maximizing current operations), and redesign (strategic & structural cost reduction leading to competitive advantage).

Cost containment is a comprehensive strategy that involves using non-traditional initiatives to address the specific causes of rising healthcare costs and here’s why CIOs are hyper-focused on

Cost Containment strategy:

●       Drive profitability by controlling price increases

●       Provide insight into the causes of rising organizational costs

●       Ensure greater transparency in the organization’s spending

●       Ensure long-term sustainability

●       Reduce nondiscretionary costs and increase agility through the redesign of IT processes, the operating model, IT architecture, and sourcing

●   As business conditions change, cost optimization work exposes and reduces operating complexity, enabling the enterprise to react quickly to the changes

What is Telecom expense management (TEM)?

Telecom expense management (TEM) is essential to optimizing your telecom expenses and utilizing your telecommunications tools to their full potential. As a result, you will be able to identify any pain points and areas for improvement, allowing you to get the most out of your telecom process.

Telecom expense management software enables enterprises’ IT, procurement, and finance departments to manage their telecommunications, IT services, and inventory costs. TEM services also include business intelligence (BI) and reporting for support of strategic decision-making at the C-level.

Importance of TEM solutions in a Company

●       IT assets and services can be monitored and audited to gain insight into expenditures

●       TEM services help businesses see their technology inventory

●       TEM services help automate and optimize the costs of telecommunication spend

●       Telecom expense management solutions can help companies control large expenditures and augment the overall IT budget

●       Your business can gain insight into its technology assets by using TEM solutions

●       With TEM tools, your company can take appropriate measures, such as disconnecting services, on its assets

●       From acquisition, deployment, and maintenance to obsolescence, TEM tools offer asset management capabilities

●       TEM solutions empower the company’s contract management with usage monitoring, servicing, providers, & payment of bills

●       Eliminate unnecessary spending and control costs

●       TEM, especially when outsourced, streamlines your operations and ensures everyone is on the same page

●       Through TEM, businesses gain visibility into their processes and identify optimization opportunities

●       In the long run, you’ll save time and money by optimizing your tasks

●   Outsourcing TEM allows organizations to access a wider pool of resources to improve telecommunications tasks

To Summarize:

Telecom platforms offer all these advantages, allowing a company to save significantly on IT expenditures in its first year of implementation. TEM solutions are great for departments that need to process thousands of invoices, reports, and IT asset inventories every month. TEM tools can be either outsourced or used in-house. Whatever the reason, using TEM tools allows the IT team to focus on more innovative projects while reducing the workload on internal resources. Thus, if you are still using manual methods, such as spreadsheets, it’s prudent to use telecom spend management tools. Utilizing telecom expense management software reduces time spent analyzing invoices, recovering funds, managing inventories, and resolving disputes.

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