/Top 6 Tips to Save Your Mortgage Interest

Top 6 Tips to Save Your Mortgage Interest

Do you know about the largest financial commitment of a common Australians in their life time? – Paying off a mortgage. Moreover, mortgage choice financial planning is a hardest part of any person’s personal financial planning .This article will focus on a number of tips that can help you save interest on your mortgage and pay off the debt on your home at a faster rate.

1. Pay in large sums

One of the easiest ways to pay off your mortgage quickly is by paying the loan in large sums. At some point, you may certainly receive some larger sum with larger value through your previous investment. The larger sum you may receive including tax refunds, Insurance payouts, inheritance, cash gifts and annual bonus.  Rather than spending these large sums on anything else, pay the amount directly to your mortgage loan.  In this way you can pay off the total interest on your loan and therefore the total cost of your mortgage within a short time.

2. Pay small repayments often.

 It’s a common cliché, but simply making small repayments to the loan can take out the mortgage faster. Small monthly extra repayments reduce the overall loan costs easily and the rate of interest you pay. And this will make a difference and will have an effect on your mortgage.

3. Make a small budget adjustment

To make a regular additional repayment every month, draw a small adjustment in your monthly budget plan.  Saving $10 or $20 may not look like larger sum but as the time grows, you may eventually save close to $100 by the end of the month. With this small change, you can make extra repayments every month.

4. Pay loan fees up front

Paying the extra charges and fees of loan up front is the bravest thing one has to do. Instead of capitalizing the loan fees into the loan, pay off the entire loan fee requirement up front. The loan fee may include establishment fees, legal fees and Lenders Mortgage Insurance etc. This will help to save thousands of dollars in interest over the overall loan term.

5. Choose loan options that offer features

A few loans will charge a fee for each redraw or additional benefit if in case you want to switch your loan to another property, or to port from a variable to a fixed rate etc. But by finding a loan that doesn’t charge you to utilize any features you can spare the expense of any additional charge.

6. Set up a credit account

Some loans with offset beneficiaries permit you to have your salary paid straight into the offset balance account which decreases the interest you pay. This is because, for all the offset accounts that pay loans with interest calculation is against the total balance of the account and if you pay interest every day, you can save a lot. Therefore, set up a credit or offset account you are more likely to save a lot of dollars over a long term.

Final word

Trying these tips help you to take out your mortgage burden faster and can ramp your savings. If you want to learn more on how to pay off your mortgage talk to a mortgage choice financial planner today. We can help you understand all the things related to mortgage and find the right loan options for you.