/Things to know, which factor affect the mobile app development cost

Things to know, which factor affect the mobile app development cost

Things to know, which factor affect the mobile app development cost

The increasing demand for utilizing mobile apps has to lead to the growth in enterprises investing in mobile app development.  If it comes to mobile app development – attributes, plugins, UI/UX layout, cost, platform, technology, etc.  Do you know, which variables will need to be considered for deciding a genuine worth of a mobile app?


The first step of creating an app is about the amount of research needed to be performed before implementing the plan. According to the complexity of an app, it’s important to collect quality information, to understand the industry scenario. Knowing the scope, features & functionality of this app are key factors that drive the expense of an app.

Native or Hybrid

The mobile app pricing is affected by the stage to be used for growth. In the case of creating Native apps different for iOS & Android equally, it will gradually boost the no. of developers working on it, leading to an increased estimate. Once the deployment is done, the maintenance plan has to be implemented concurrently. The maintenance plan contains the timely performance changes to be created & the addition of new features if needed in the future.

So decide the price accordingly, based on how frequently the new versions will be published. It is very important to release the new construct time to prevent your customers from deleting the app because of no proactive updates which can severely influence the app functionality.

QA & Testing

Testing is the job that needs to be performed side by side with advancement. It’s a crucial point to confirm the achievement of all functionalities & attributes, which indirectly impacts the performance of an app. To maintain the app successfully running, QA is of extreme importance to enhance the program concerning the investigation result obtained. This activity has substantial importance in the whole development process which influences the cost of app development. The cross platform app development is a time-consuming process; the sophistication of the project defines the time necessary for development.

There are many factors from starting an app idea to the launch of the mobile app, So now you need to know some points that are crucial & need to be considered while dealing with the worthiness of a mobile app. Proceed through the requirement details of a mobile app & plan the costing according to the suitable factors, be sure about your investment getting you great yields.

 But there are three principal questions-

  • Which firm, you acquire in top-notch mobile app development services?
  • What are the factors that affect the development price?
  • How much will it cost to make an app for your decision?

We provide customized and cutting iOS and Android app design and development services according to customers’ specific requirements but if your business demands an app for the two platforms, you need to develop an android and iOS app from scratch with a different set of development groups. Development time will be more and it’ll cost you greater. Android app development requires more coding and utilizes XML design and fragmentation, which boosts hours of work and time.

Program Functionality & Features

Which are the features you want to build in your app? What functions do you want it to perform? Which are the services you are considering to provide through the app?  The more the features you will include, the greater the cost will be. You have to commit a handsome quantity of money to acquire an app built depending on your needs. There are three types of apps- easy, middle-sized and complicated. A simple app constructed for a wonder advice provider will not cost as large as developing a business app with a database management system.

The number of devices your app will support can also help you determine the development time and cost. If you want to provide better user experience and would love to include animations, 3D objects, and intricate visuals, then it’ll be rather expensive to develop your app.

Maintenance Price

The mobile app development cost does not end with the launch of the app; the actual story starts with the price of maintenance, which will be 15-20% of the initial development price.

Talk with your developers and create a comprehensive budget for backend timely and maintenance app updates to address malware attacks, bug fixing and more. Don’t spend your entire budget at the preliminary period, instead, collect customer feedback and implement them on your app to allow it to be perfect.

App Hosting Price

Your app must be somewhere to operate properly. App hosting is considered to be the most important investment produced by the company owner. Thus, it’s crucial to select the right hosting provider for your app project. Picking out the best hosting provider depends on several parameters such as bandwidth each user, backend API bandwidth and requests each MAU. When you understand these variables, you may easily find the host server that can aid your app to operate faster and better.

Application Security Cost

 App security is important whether it’s an ecommerce development app. Most mobile apps handle worker data, trades records, and client information, so safety is the first matter to be cared for by business owners. If the information isn’t secured properly, you might lose the confidence of your present clients and all potential future clients as well.

An interactive, feature-rich and well-managed app will be able to help you realize your business objectives and may help you rank at the top of app shops. From supporting the notion, stunning UI/UX design to choosing a suitable mobile platform, custom elements and a lot of different aspects, Source Soft Solutions can help you design and develop the best app when keeping your budget and timeframe in mind.

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