/The Benefits of Hosted eCommerce Websites for Small Businesses

The Benefits of Hosted eCommerce Websites for Small Businesses

At a time when selling products and services online is more common than ever before, one of the biggest obstacles to getting a small business up and running is financing the development of its web presence. There are several benefits of hosted eCommerce websites. Developing a business web presence involves several strategies, including social media optimization, website development, and keyword sensitive content, to name a few.

However, the first step is to create a website that facilitates sales. For small business owners who have a limited website development budget, creating an entry-level, hosted eCommerce website using resources that third party providers of eCommerce platforms offer is one of the easiest way and cost-effective ways to do this.

Benefits of Hosted eCommerce Websites

Hosted eCommerce providers commonly offer three types of website solutions: entry-level sites that have limited design options but are easy for non-experts to configure, mid-level websites that offer advanced design and optimization capabilities, and enterprise-level websites that are supported by open-source software that gives the customer complete creative control.

If your business is in the market for an enterprise-level solution, it may save more money upfront and in the long-run by investing in custom website design instead of paying a costly software licensing fee and making monthly payments to an eCommerce provider. However, if your business is just getting started, using a host, the entry-level solution may be a good option for five reasons.

·         Low Monthly Operating Cost

Using an entry-level website from a provider of hosted eCommerce solutions is highly affordable. For example, BigCommerce only charges a base price of $29.95 / month for its entry-level Silver plan. Most startups don’t have a great deal of resources on the back end, so paying less than $30 a month for a hosted website can offer much-needed financial flexibility.

·         Easy to Implement Design Options

You don’t have to be a web designer to customize a hosted, entry-level website from one of the big eCommerce platforms. In many cases, designing the website is as simple as choosing a design theme, and then selecting specific design elements that you want the site to feature. Both tasks can often be accomplished with a few mouse clicks and a little bit of clicking and dragging.

·         Easy to Implement SEO Options

Hosted eCommerce platforms feature intuitive search engine optimization (SEO) functions that make it easy to apply the right keywords in the right places. With that said, it isn’t uncommon for businesses to develop more complex SEO needs as their web presence flourishes. When this happens, outsourcing SEO services to an online marketing agency is often the best option.

·         Built-In Inventory Management

Unlike conventional business websites, hosted eCommerce sites typically include inventory management resources in the service package. If you had a conventional website instead of one that was hosted by an eCommerce platform, you would likely need to invest in inventory management software — a move that could entail paying an expensive software licensing fee.

·         Disaster Recovery Planning

Having a hosted website instead of a site that is implemented and managed in the house can contribute to business continuity. When a disaster destroys the IT system, companies rush to get it up and running again in the wake of the catastrophe. When you operate a hosted website, you needn’t worry about a disaster at your location rendering the site inaccessible to customers.

Need Help With Website Development?

For businesses that are just starting to spread their financial wings, using a hosted, entry-level eCommerce website provides at least three benefits: it allows the site to be operated on a highly cost-effective model, provides inventory management tools that simplify managing product inventories, and it all but ensures that the site will remain active in the wake of a disaster.

However, as they grow, many small businesses need more advanced capabilities than an entry-level, hosted website can offer. There are many platforms that can provide you some best service. Wix, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce are some popular e-commerce platforms. They provide a platform at affordable prices. You can change the website theme and look as per your desire.