/Simple Rules for Investing Successfully

Simple Rules for Investing Successfully

No one cares about your financial well-being more than you, so it’s important to have a financial plan for yourself. Having a successful investment helps secure your life financially by achieving your financial goals for the present and the future. It also generates a parallel stream of income, creates more wealth, and earns returns to beat inflation which ensures that you lead a comfortable life even after retirement.

Sometimes the most difficult thing about investing money is just getting started. So, in this post, I’ll take you through a few simple and realistic rules that you can implement for investing successfully:

1) Create a list of things to plan:

First and foremost create a plan that you’ll need to have or build on your journey to financial security. This can include:

·         Monthly budget

·         Debt pay-off and spending plan

·         Understanding of all your bills and their due dates

·         An emergency account

·         Retirement savings, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, PPF

·         Savings- short, mid-term, and long-term goals

·         Insurance coverage (Life, health, home, etc.)

2) Make your savings goal smarter:

There are different ways to start your investment like cash savings, buying shares, investing in assets like real estate, mutual funds, etc. So, rather than trying all, make sure you make a well-balanced and maintained investment that is more reliable for potentially increasing your money over time. Markets and economies continue to grow so be smart and have a good spread of assets.

3) Set Short-Term Goals to Achieve Long-Term outputs:

Rather than setting long-term goals, set a series of small short-term goals to start off that are both measurable and precise. Once you achieve your short-term goals, set new ones that are bigger. Achieving short-term goals will ensure that you reach your longer-term goals even faster.

4) Seize the Opportunities (Murphy’s Law of Investment:

According to Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong” so it’s good to take calculated risks when you are young because this in turn becomes a better decision in the long run. You might make mistakes but remember, later you learn from them.

5) Spend Less Than You Earn:

Budgeting is quite simple, therefore spend your money however you like but preferably a bit thoughtfully.

6) Create an emergency fund:

Make sure you save enough money in a savings product to cover an emergency, like sudden unemployment, loan payment, etc. It’s ideal to make sure you at least have up to six months of your income in savings for emergencies.

7) Paying taxes matters:

Pay your taxes on time to avoid added interest and penalties, losing future refunds which all affect your saving amount. Remember that one must pay taxes and that too in time for the betterment of their country and themselves too.


Embracing a money-saving method is crucial, but knowing the right steps to take, will make the process much easier for a bright future after your working life or retirement.

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