/Residence in Malaysia – Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program

Residence in Malaysia – Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program

What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program?

Malaysia is a beautiful country which is located in Southeast Asia! Malaysian Government (Ministry of tourism and culture) were introduced to this MM2H program. This (MM2H) Program promotes eligible foreigners to reside in Malaysia on a multiple-entry social visit pass. It is open for all citizens of other countries which are recognised by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. MM2H users are also allowed to bring their family to reside in Malaysia. This programme mainly gets attracted by the people who wish to retire in Malaysia or wish to spend their life after retirement.

After becoming an MM2Her, you will obtain an MM2H visit pass which has a validity for 10 years. Once it gets expired, it can be renewable. The duration of a visa depends on the validity of a passport, so it is better to renew your passport to increase the maximum duration of the visa. In another way, you can easily extend your visa limit with the required documents and financial capacity. You have to remember this is not a permanent residence permit. It is just a social visit pass with multiple entries and exit under the MM2H program.

How to apply MM2H?

To apply for MM2H, the government of Malaysia has listed requirements to be fulfilled. To find out more about these requirements, you may wish to visit A&W MM2H website. If you wish to know more about obtaining benefits, insurance coverage etc, to complete your MM2H application requirements then our agents and staff will assist you to meet your needs.

MM2H Application Process Flow

MM2H Application process flow is used to take about 90 days to have the MM2H application form reviewed and approved or rejected.

MM2H Visa Permit process Flow

Step 1: Submit an online form or sent the email for A&W MM2H

Step 2: Prepare & submit your documents.

Step 3: Approval letter issued by the immigration department

Step 4: You arrive in Malaysia

Step 5: We submit the supplementary documents to the immigration department

Step 6:  Get eapproval of Malaysia My Second Home MM2H Visa Stamp in Passport

Who is eligible for the MM2H programme?

  • Citizens of all other countries regardless of age, religion, race, gender.
  • You are supposed to be married and allowed to bring spouse, unmarried children under the age of 21 and also your parents.
  • Additionally you can also apply for a helper or a maid to make your reside in Malaysia to more comfortable.

Benefits of MM2H

MM2H Visa Permit

  • Multiple entries will be granted with social visit pass of 10 years validity.
  • Free  to enter, leave and reside in Malaysia, with no location and time restraints.
  • If the  social visit pass gets expired it can be renewable after 10 years.

House Purchase

  • Foreigners may purchase residential properties in Malaysia, which are subjected to the minimum price established for foreigners by the different countries respectively.

Domestic helper

  • Applicants can also apply for one maid or servant but it is subjected to the prevailing guidelines of the immigration department


  • MM2H users can enrol their children in an international school in Malaysia.

Business & Investment

  • Generally, any MM2H visa users can own business without the requirement of any Local Malaysians, but it is subjected to terms and conditions.

To know more about the benefits of MM2H Programme visit A&W MM2H