/How to begin a proper estate planning?

How to begin a proper estate planning?

When you get older, unfortunate health-related issues are often unavoidable and you can’t put them off. Managing your financial obligations and assets becomes tough and needs to be handed over to the responsible person. Thus, when things are under control, you ought to have an arrangement set up to have a secure future. Estate planning guarantees you and your resources are in safe hands in the function you are incapable of by terminal illness or an unfortunate accident. So, here we are Ethica- an experienced Estate Planning advisor in Sunshine Coast compiled some major steps to watch out for while planning for a Secured Future in this article. 

1. Understand the need 

The foremost step of estate planning is to identify and understand the need of you and your future. Many people often skip it and worry when something happens and run behind the plan in the last significant minutes. This sets them in stress and leads to build an unfit estate plan that doesn’t satisfy any individual. Therefore, every person should look unto the cause and the need for their future and plan according to it. 

2. Meet your senior law lawyer 

 Regardless of whether you have not retired or not yet close to the period of retirement, have an arrangement set up by conversing with your senior law lawyer or family lawyer of your choice. They might have plenty of experience in building well-established estate plans and can assist throughout the journey.

3. Navigate your medical choices 

Talk with your senior lawyer and explore your medical choice which is an extremely important aspect of estate planning. With this, you can assign someone as a personal legal caretaker to manage all your medical choices after retirement. The process starts with discussing with your family members and your lawyer and then ends with a final decision from your side and recorded in terms of law and order

4. Plan for your Homecare. 

The next step is to plan for your home arrangement set up where you will be spending the rest of your life at. Here in this case only blood relation is considered as a responsible person but is totally up to your own choices.  

5. The Primary concern 

So, here comes the major step of the entire estate planning, dividing and distributing the assets equally to your heirs. So after considering all your liquid and solid assets, you can build a plan to split it and handover to heirs. 


Estate planning services are the hardest part of one’s life that we will be facing one day. A properly pre-planned estate plan can get yourselves out from the burden and retain your peace of mind. With a good plan, you can live a stress-free life easier without spending too much on weary taxes and keep your loved ones happy. Also, establishing the bravest decisions like estate planning saves up your pockets as well. If you’re looking for an estate planner in sunshine coast, check-in with Ethica Private Wealth Specialists for your FREE 2 Hour Financial Assessment Session where we will discuss ideas on how to plan an effective estate planning on sunshine coast that helps you to live a peaceful life.