/Colour Therapy- Flowers That Make You Happy

Colour Therapy- Flowers That Make You Happy

The symbolic language of colours and flowers has been recognized for centuries in many countries. Since then, flowers have intrigued us with their unique beauty and enticing fragrance. Our response to each and every colour is intensely emotional, and flowers tend to be a catalyst for feelings that stimulate more than just our senses of sight and smell.

Flowers are nature’s way to smile at us. So, let’s dive in to know how certain flowers and their colours actually make us feel good & bring happiness to our lives:

1) Pink Tulip: Tulip is one of the most popular spring flowers originated from Persia. The pink colour normally symbolizes good wishes, health, and confidence. Therefore pink tulips are a great way to congratulate or make someone happy as it showers the symbol of caring, attachment, kindness, femininity and inner peace.

2) Lavender: Among the many flowers that impact happiness, possibly Lavender is one of the most important flowers that is known to represent grace, calmness, purity, devotion, serenity and silence. The colour of this flower talks about royalty, elegance, refinement and luxury. 

3) Purple Lilacs: These flowers have always been a source of inspiration for artists throughout history. Lilac is considered magical due to its incredibly intoxicating fragrance. Known as the queen of shrubs, lilacs symbolize first love, dignity, pride, success and make great gifts for new young romance. 

4) White Dahlia: White dahlia flowers are associated with innocence and pureness. This flower is a perfect gift to anybody you love. Often associated with humility, innocence, and reverence, white flowers evoke simple beauty. As the colour of the flower symbolizes faith, purity, and a clean soul, this is the perfect gift for weddings and baptisms.

5) Blue Forget Me Nots: Known as the colour of trust, honesty, loyalty and responsibility, blue is reflective of the sky and sea. Counted among the tiniest of flowers, the blue forget me not with the most soothing shade of blue, symbolizes true love, fidelity, memories, luck and protection. They are a perfect gift for your husband or wife and even your best friends. These flowers are a symbol that you will never forget and will treasure each and every moment you’ve spent with them.

6) Violets: Violets that come in the genus Viola are delicate blooms with a sweet scent. In the world of religious art, these flowers are often portrayed as a symbol of innocence, modesty, everlasting love, spiritual wisdom, faithfulness, remembrance and humbleness. 

7) Green Orchids: Most prominently found in nature, the colour green symbolizes balance, harmony and growth. This colour acts as a great balancer of the heart and the human emotions. The green orchids are traditionally a symbol of good health, longevity, life, and nature.

8) Yellow chrysanthemums: The brightest color of all, yellow represents happiness, optimism, emotional strength, joy, friendliness and creativity. It is a truly joyous and radiant colour that signifies communication, enlightenment and spirituality. Yellow chrysanthemums provoke feelings of celebration, happiness, joy, friendship, and fortune and in some cultures, it symbolizes neglected love.

9) Red roses: Red is a warm and positive colour associated with energy, passion and action. It also signifies leadership qualities, promotes ambition and determination. Long associated with beauty and perfection, red roses are used to convey passion and strong love for another person. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day there’s no better gift than red roses to share your true feelings.

10) Orange ranunculus: Orange, the color of enthusiasm, youthfulness and emotion is considered a fun color that adds spontaneity and positivity to life. The orange ranunculus flower is a symbol of positive energy, joy, happiness, charm and attractiveness. The undeniable beauty of these, make you happy spontaneously and the radiant orange color makes a great addition to home decorations as well. They can be gifted for housewarming, birthday, get well soon wishes, new baby, weddings, etc.


According to behavioral research conducted worldwide, it’s proven that the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, affects social behavior and strengthens feelings of life satisfaction in a positive manner. Although all flowers boost our mood and give us feelings of happiness, some of them seem to have a bigger impact on our well-being. 

Whether it’s a bouquet or a rose, flowers do have more effects than just decoration. They can make you happy. Rose & Co – Sydney Florist, has a wide range of flower collection in all colours you love. Shop with us for your next occasion.

Let happiness be your compass!