/Best 3D Moon Night Light – Buyers How to Guide & Precautions

Best 3D Moon Night Light – Buyers How to Guide & Precautions

How to Use:

1. Touch the metal ring at the bottom of the moon lamp to turn on / off the light and change color from white to yellow.

2. Long press the metal ring to adjust the brightness, and it has the brightness memory function.

3. If your hand is too dry or the temperature is too low, the light may not respond.

4. The white light will not shine when power is low.

5. Insert the DC connector into the metal ring at the bottom of the moon lamp to charge, the red light is always on during the charging.

6. The red light will automatically turn off when fully charged.

How to Choose the Best?

Here are some important factors how to choose moon lamp that is the best and looks real:

Eco-Friendly Material: One of the most important things that you have to consider is that whether or not the lamp is made up of eco-friendly certificated material. There are many such lamps that are made up of cheap materials which are full of toxins and can be harmful to the environment. So, make sure the materials used in making the lamp has to be natural and eco-friendly too.

Built-in Safety Battery: Another important factor to look for is the built-in safety battery for the lamp. It must be certificated and rechargeable so that you do not have to open and change the battery again and again. You can easily recharge the built-in battery and once fully charged, it can last for many hours.

Clearest Texture: The beauty of these wonderful lunar lamps lies on its surface, so you should choose the best and clearest texture otherwise it will not look like a moon at all. There are many 3D lamps that are designed with inaccurate surface design and doesn’t look like the moon or even cannot emit light properly. You need to choose a lamp that is designed accurately based on the images of the NASA and restore the original look and texture of the moon surface. 

Appearance of Charge Port: There is always a charging port in the bottom of the lamp for charging the battery. But if you want to Maximized enjoy the full moon lies in its seamless construction, so you should choose one that the port is not too large or too wide. It must be small enough to give the completely round shape of the moon. As the moon is made up of one molding, then there will be no stitching traces and the port will appear small yet accessible.


1. When charging, the ball becomes red, full and then extinguished;

2. Because the installation of the circuit required, the sphere edge will have seam

3. 3D printing forming principle causes the object surface to have the contour line phenomenon.

4. This product does not have waterproof ability, not strong acid and alkali.

5. This product cannot be strongly hit or fall from high places.

Bring the moon out of the sky and light up the heart of your loved one!

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