/Benefits of Vastu Shastra To Improve Your Startup Business

Benefits of Vastu Shastra To Improve Your Startup Business

Our ancestors are more spiritual and had more belief in spiritual activities. As per their words, following the spiritual activities may help and boosts mankind’s life with wealth and happiness. In India, people used to follow a thing called Vastu Shastra to build the house, companies, buildings, etc. Vastu Shastra is a part of “Vastu Shilpa Science” and it is one of the famous 64 arts in India. Vastu Shastra is designed in a way according to our planet’s motions and movements. There is a reason for every design which is suggested in Vastu Shastra. It is not only a spiritual thing but also scientifically proven one that following Vastu Shastra will bring wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

There are so many things suggested in Vastu Shastra and here we are going to see the three important tips that help us to bring wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity. The three important things needed to be in consideration are

 1.Main door

2.North-East Corner

3.South-West Corner.

Main Door – The first and foremost thing in Vastu Shastra is keeping the main door big and elaborated one. Keeping the main door a little decorative and innovative will bring a positive vibe. Don’t place the entrance in a dull place, keep the entrance of the house in a bright area. As it said earlier, make the main door a bit bigger when compared to other doors. Try to keep a nameplate at the entrance of the house. Make sure the main door should be noise free, i.e, the door should not produce any creepy sounds at the time of closing or opening. Avoid placing obstacles at the main door, like parking the vehicle, keeping stands, etc. These are a few simple things to bring peace and prosperity in life.

North-East Corner – It is one of the important things in Vastu Shastra. It is considered as the Place of God. So it is good to keep pooja or prayer room in this direction. It is the main source of heath wealth, peace and prosperity. This place should be always kept clean. It is good to fix this place a little bit lower at ground level when compared to other rooms. Keeping lightweight furniture, water fountain, fish tank brings a pleasant feel as well as they help to bring positivity, peace, and prosperity. Make sure the above things are cleaned regularly.

For households or businesses/startup business where there is a space for prayer or a pooja room, it is important to know the art of placement as the facing degree draws different energy. Using 24@BlueRoseM Wisdom, the positioning of the actual altar cabinet within a space is analysed with a mini Residential Science applied to also tap into the right stars within the Room.

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South-West Corner – In Vastu Shastra, it is one of the main sources for attracting wealth, peace and prosperity in life. Keep wardrobe, cash and jewel locker in SW corners, facing North or NE direction. Because it believed that the god of money, Kubera staying in N and NE direction. So keeping a locker facing directions may showers wealth as a blessing from Lord Kubera. So whenever you open a locker, it is believed as the lord is seeing and blessing us. According to Vastu Shastra keeping a mirror in the cash locker and jewel box, this will double your wealth. Avoid placing cash, lockers, jewels, property documents under a beam, it will bring us unwanted financial stress in family and business. These are some important tips in Vastu Shastra to bring wealth, health, peace and prosperity in life.

Simple saying, an engineer or architecture can build a building but only Vastu Shastra can have the power to make that building as a happy and sweet home.

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Sowmya helps start-ups to write articles/blogs, build an audience and get more readers. Her education and career has helped and shaped her research interests and desire to continue understanding various aspects of her field which includes Metaphysics services from BlueRoseMaliniTM