/Benefits Of Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) For Foreigners In Malaysia

Benefits Of Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) For Foreigners In Malaysia

I often hear or read negative comments regarding the MM2H Programme with people frequently asking why the programme exits and what it does for Malaysia.As somebody who has studied the programme and communicated with several thousands of MM2H candidates,MM2H visa holders, I feel I have some valuable insights into the programme & its contribution to Malaysia. Most MM2Hers are happy after they decided to live here and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle.

Financial benefits

Contrary to some views, the foreigners living here under the programme MM2H are not taking advantage of the country’s free services. Far from it; to be approved for the programme, they must show a net income, from outside Malaysia, of at least RM10,000 a month. This places them in a very high-income tax bracket for retirees. 

Research we conducted a decade ago among several hundreds of MM2H applicants published that they brought an average of RM9,800 a month into the country to cover their living costs. We tend to suspect this figure is higher nowadays. As any economist will tell you, that’s good for the country’s economy, and indeed counts as the primary driver for the economies of various advanced countries. The extra money being spent in Malaysia, the more jobs created.

To the extent that MM2H applicants also increase the capital expenditure, such as buying houses or cars, this is additional income coming into Malaysia and can amount to many billions of ringgit.

Non-financial benefits

At first glance, it may be hard to see any non-financial benefits, but we have identified quite a few, some of which also blends with monetary plus points:

MM2H applicants usually have additional free time on their hands and plenty of becoming frequent domestic travellers, so they contribute to domestic business enterprise, which frequently means that money flow in areas of the country wherever alternative economic activity is slower.

MM2H applicants usually have a large number of friends, relatives, and ex-business colleagues and they will spread positive messages about the country around the world. Not surprisingly, many foreigners will come and visit which will add to tourism arrivals for the country. It brings a great revolution in our country’s economic growth.  

As with older people, healthcare is important to MM2H applicants and the fact they choose to live here is a tacit endorsement of the country’s medical facilities and can be used to promotemedical business enterprise to the country. Malaysia often receives an unfavourable international press, which position the country negatively. This, in turn, causes some people to have doubts or they have panic to live or visit Malaysia.

Working expats typically come here because of job openings/vacancies or company assignments, but MM2Hers specifically choose to live here, which is a powerful endorsement of Malaysia. This can be an important selling point when trying to encourage foreign companies to invest in the business in Malaysia.

Many of the older people who come here have acquired valuable skills during their careers. This could be exploited for the benefit of the country. Although this does not happen much at present, this is a peculiar opportunity if it was made easier for them to take on part-time employment. Being older they are not a threat to the unemployed citizen, younger Malaysians who would be looking for different types of opportunities in various sectors.


MM2H programme will bring a tremendous impact on Malaysian economic growth, both directly through the financial contribution of programme participants, and indirectly through the various non-financial benefits listed above.However, I feel the MM2H programme would benefit addressing and revisiting a few of the current rules.

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