/Autointelli AIOps platform to automate IT infrastructure and solve complex IT problems

Autointelli AIOps platform to automate IT infrastructure and solve complex IT problems

Autointelli Inc is an AIOps company, provides solutions that solve complex IT operations in modern enterprises. Their AIOps platform is a duo of automation and machine learning that simplifies data center operations and builds a better digital workplace. Autointelli AIOps platform benefits users by processing alerts and tickets, reducing alert noise, detecting root cause, and reducing the workload of the service desk team.

Their platform is featured with incident auto-heal, self-service automation, root cause analysis, analytics, and HDDM. Incident auto-heal correlates events generated by monitoring tools and solves repeated and minor issues solved by L1 and L2 teams. Self-service automation facilitates to build workflows that automate redundant and repetitive tasks. Their root cause analysis feature helps to detect the cause of underlying problems in hardware or software.

Analytics improves business performance and offers insights collected from all possible data sources. Their HDDM or Host Discovery and Dependency management play a major role in security management and portfolio management. Autointelli makes use of intuitive machine learning algorithms to provide robust AIOps solutions that reduce Mean Time to Repair. Autointelli AIOps solutions include hybrid IT monitoring, event management, and correlation, business analytics, auto-remediation, discovery and dependency mapping, and IT automation and orchestration.

A hybrid IT monitoring solution helps to keep track of the availability of applications and organizational assets. Event management and correlation provide a unified portal to monitor events, notification, and status updates. A real-time dashboard provides an interface to visualize IT performance. Incident management and remediation predicts incidents beforehand and remediate quickly. Discovery and dependency mapping or DDM helps to uncover the relationships between applications, storage, and organizational assets. IT automation and orchestration solutions help to streamline processes, integrate applications, simplify monitoring, and impact analysis.

Autointelli AIOps platform or Autointelli Suite is segmented as the IntelliOps platform and IntelliFlow platform. IntelliOps platform correlates events across different data sources and automatically fixes issues without affecting customer experience. IntelliOps is featured with event management, application mapping, and auto-remediation. IntelliFlow platform reduces manual tasks, improves productivity, and improves performance. IntelliFlow is featured with process orchestration and workflow automation.

Benefits of Autointelli AIOps platform are:

  • Reduces MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and MTTD (Mean Time To Detect)
  • Reduce service downtime
  • Reduces application slowdown
  • Enhance business agility
  • Streamlined operations with no disruption
  • Enhance business performance and agility

With the growing use of cloud, distributed architecture, and multi-level data, organizations experience more monotonous jobs, which increase employees’ workload, DevOps processes, and application alerts. With the Autointelli AIOps platform, workload of resources will be reduced so that they can focus on innovative things that improve business productivity.

  1. Smooth running operations with no costly disruptions
  2. Reduces workload of service desk team and free them to focus on business improvement
  3. No application slowdown even during busiest or high transaction days

Proven facts

  1. 70% reduction in MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)
  2. 48% reduction in server downtime
  3. 47% increase in operational efficiency
  4. 45% increase in business agility
  5. 42% risk reduction

About Autointelli

Autointelli is one of the prime AIOps platform & solutions providers in India. Their platform is a combination of AI and robust machine learning algorithms that help the Service Desk, IT Operations team, NOC/SOC teams by creating alerts after combining similar kind of events together. Tickets are initiated and updated automatically by activating appropriate virtual bots. Autointelli AIOps platform includes root cause analysis and alert enrichment techniques that help to solve incidents quickly and improve time to value ratio. Their platform is used by clients across the globe. They help enterprises to reduce noise levels and enhance business productivity by freeing their valuable resources to focus on business improvement. They are partnered with global leaders in IT such as Virtusa, KPMG, EIL Global, and others.

Autointelli is a team of hard-working and dedicated professionals who work without expecting returns. The company is established in 2018 with employees who have more than 5 years of experience. Their motto is to provide intelligent and cost-effective products that reduce our customers’ IT spending and energize their business operations through automation.

To learn more about Autointelli and their products and solutions and to schedule a free demo conducted by infrastructure automation experts, visit https://www.autointelli.com/.