/An Ultimate Guide To Buy Plantation Shutters
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An Ultimate Guide To Buy Plantation Shutters

Here is a list of things you should know before buying plantation shutters.  These are some important aspects for you to consider before making the investment in the best window coverings on the market today.

The quality of shutters

Shutters are often made in your home town, or overseas. You should know the specifics of what goes into your shutter and the way it’s made to create the best decision. You must ask what kind of joinery the shutter doors are made with.

There are many wood curing and treatment options that will change the lifespan of your shutters, so ask how the wood is cured.

Finally, the paint and finishing process is critical to keep the shutter looking great for many years. There are thousands of paintings and finishing options. It’s a detail that you simply get to realize it if you ask.

The top upgrades

There are 2 ways of removing the tilt rod from the shutter door.  The first method is called Hidden Tilt and it is the most conventional method. The street side of the shutter has a steel connector.

It is very thin and hardly visible from both sides of the shutter.  A small screw attaches to the steel rod and to each shutter slat. To open and close all of the shutter slats just move one of them. This is the traditional way of removing the front tilt rod and has been around for a very long time.

Another method is an upgrade that completely hides all rods and moves the louvers within a central gear. This method is called Invisible Tilt. Nowadays many companies use invisible tilt systems because they have outstanding reliability and they reward a more contemporary feel than the traditional plantation shutters.

Small upgrades make a big difference

There are several inexpensive upgrades to the shutter that can make a big boost in the overall look and feel.  Some of them are shutter locks, shutter pulls, and hidden hinges. They look beautiful on all of the whites, off-whites, and also pops when planted on a stained wood shutter. 

The locks protect the shutter from the kids, while the pulls can even protect the shutter from the people who may not know how to properly open the shutter door. 

Installation matters

You should have a skilled installer to ensure that the shutters are installed perfectly as the manufacturer’s requirements, or they might void the warranty.  Detailing is important when installing wood shutters. Keep the frames in perfect square to prevent pinched hinges that can cause the warpage.

Remember, the shutter is going to intake 100% of the UV rays coming through your window.  It has to be tough, to start with, but when an inexperienced person does not take the time to get the frame perfectly level, the shutter will ultimately bend to a different shape, causing cracks, and damage.

Final Words

When you decide to buy plantation shutters in Sydney for your home, you are making an investment that will last forever. 

However, it is important to know the options and upgrades available to you so that it will remain for decades.  The shutter purchase is purposeful, but the improved and increased value for your home is worth making Plantation Shutters.