/A Complete Shoppable UGC Guide For Brands In 2021

A Complete Shoppable UGC Guide For Brands In 2021

User-generated content in the form of images, videos, texts, or in any form is the present-day format of testimonials. It is not only the trending method but it is also dominating the market and forcing buyers to purchase the product.

What is so special about UGC? Or Why do brands give so much importance to UGC? Technology and marketing together are leading the roads to a successful business. Today visitors or users want to know about your brand from past customers rather than brands. Brands are using user-generated content on various social media platforms, other marketing platforms, and on their website, to earn more reliability for the brand.

What Is Shoppable UGC?

UGC itself is an ideal piece of content that brands use to showcase the credibility of their brand and the trust which their users have in their brand. When user-generated content is blended with the brand’s product specifications and the visitor or the shopper can make a direct purchase from that piece of content, then it is termed as Shoppable UGC. 

Shoppable UGC reduces the cart abandonment rate of the brand and can boost revenues easily. It also empowers user experience, and customer service, resulting in improved customer-brand relationships.

How Shoppable UGC is beneficial for your Brand?

When you turn user-generated content into Shoppable UGC, you grab more opportunities to attract & convert your visitors into your loyal customers. There is a diverse range of benefits that a brand can optimize from Shoppable UGC irrespective of the type, size, and market size of the brand. The benefits include: 

  • Improvised Buyer Experience: When you convert your user-generated content into Shoppable UGC, your customers can easily buy that product directly from that post, or story. It will diminish the hassle and will empower the pleased buyer experience.


  • Reduces Bounce Rate: Shoppable UGC will help you reduce the cart abandonment rate of your brand. When a buyer can add the product directly to their cart, without any disruption or inconvenience, they instantly buy the product. It will result in a decreased bounce rate of your brand.

  • Increases Trust and Conversion rate of the brand: When you showcase user-generated content as a shoppable product, it increases the credibility of the visitor towards your brand and the quality of the product as well. As the Shoppable UGC gives them the visual presentation of the product and how it will grace-up or fit the individual. 

Sometimes buyers just do not buy the product because of the dilemma of how it will fit-in and look actually. The Shoppable UGC will help them assess it better and the buyer will make the purchase, resulting in increased trustworthiness towards the brand, which will also increase the conversion rate of the brand. 

Tools to Turn UGC into Shoppable UGC Galleries

You can easily convert user-generated content into Shoppable UGC. It will help your customers to visualize the product fittings, its quality, and will precisely attract users to make the purchase. You can do this easily with the help of Instagram, Facebook, and Taggbox Commerce, one of the best social media aggregator tools. 

Taggbox Commerce

Taggbox Commerce provides the platform for the brands to convert their user-generated content into shoppable content. Shoppable content will help your brand in multiplying sales, building trust, generating more traffic, great customer engagement, and impeccable buying experience. Let your users buy your product from any digital platform!

It will help you in collecting the user-generated content from 15 different social media platforms by just mentioning the hashtags, mentions, or usernames.

Once the most compatible & suitable user-generated content is collected, you can tag the products and its specifics to the content.

After tagging the product specification to the content like product price, product details, and the check-out option. Your shoppable user-generated content is ready to be displayed on any social media platform, official website, or any digital channel.

Shoppable Instagram & Facebook

People are obsessed with social media! Out of which Facebook and Instagram, are the widest platforms with a huge fanbase. You can create Shoppable galleries for your brand directly from Instagram & Facebook accounts. You just need to have business accounts on both social media platforms.

Then after switching your normal account into a Business account, you need to link your Facebook account and Instagram account by just following the instructions. After this the process is simple, you just need to collect all the relevant UGC, then you need to get permission from the user, get approved, tag the product, and your shoppable Instagram or Facebook post is ready to be published.

Shoppable Instagram Shopify apps are also popular among brands who use the Shoppable Instagram solutions. As these shopify brands gain massive benefits from Shoppable Instagram galleries and Shoppable UGC feeds.


In the cut-throat competitive market, it becomes essential that your business or brand keep its customers engaged, attract new users, and boost the dwell time of the visitor to maximize conversion rate. Shoppable UGC will help you in maintaining the pace of your brand growth. 

Use the shoppable UGC tools to create colorful, customized, and impeccable shoppable galleries and publish them easily on any social media platform, official website, or any digital platform.