/7 Instagram Tools to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

7 Instagram Tools to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

E-commerce websites are always struggling with getting more sales for their brand. With the increasing technology and competition, they always have to come up with new and engaging marketing strategies. Presently, social media platforms play a very big role in marketing.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 500 million daily users across the globe. It provides you with endless opportunities for growing your business by helping with the marketing of your products and services in a trouble-free manner.

There are so many businesses and brands that have already started leveraging Instagram. Using Instagram tools for marketing can help you with giving your eCommerce sales a super-boost.

Here are 5 Instagram Tools to boost your E-commerce Sales:

  1. Taggbox Commerce

Taggbox commerce is a visual commerce platform that offers marketing solutions for eCommerce brands. It helps brands to reach this massive audience of Instagram for selling their products and services.

Taggbox commerce enables you to generate shoppable user-generated content. This means that customers can directly buy or interact with your feed, stories or account. It also has this amazing feature called Sentiment Analysis. It helps you in personalizing the experience for the users according to their sentiments and engagement with your posts.

You can even track the performance and work towards enhancing it accordingly for better results. Few of the other features are Call to Action buttons, Personalize Panel, Moderation Panel, Profanity Filter, liberty to use multiple accounts and many more.

All these features will allow you to display exactly what a user is looking for improving user engagement with your brand.

2 . Hopper

Hopper is a social planning tool that lets you plan, schedule and bulk upload your posts for social media. It can work for other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well.

Hopper helps you with scheduling and uploading your posts on Instagram, this way you can save a lot of time. It lets you upload and schedule posts in bulk and for multiple accounts. It also allows you to tag other accounts, add mentions and the first comment feature lets you start conversations. You can invite unlimited teammates to check and plan your posts.


Showcase can be an amazing tool for e-commerce websites, it allows them to turn their social media feed into shoppable galleries. It allows the customers to directly shop from the Instagram posts by linking them to the product pages on the website. This makes the shopping process much easier for customers.


WebStagram can be quite a useful tool for your brand. It can help you analyze and study your users and the community around your brand and products.

It allows you to search for other brands, influencers and hashtags. You can also identify the most popular hashtags with this tool. By knowing these, you can customize your feed accordingly with WebStagram


Grum is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use Instagram tool. It helps you schedule your posts for Instagram, may it be photos or videos.

It can function for multiple Instagram accounts at a time and help with scheduling and publishing posts for them. This tool’s easy interface lets you manage and switch multiple accounts very easily. It lets you tag other users and accounts in your posts too


Mulpix is an Instagram search engine. It helps you search for the information you need to improve your business strategies.

You can search for mentions, hashtags, captions, accounts with Mulpix. You can also opt to use keywords and search terms for more precise results. It can also help you arrange your images on the basis of location. Mulpix can be an amazing tool to search Instagram for any kind of information.


Iconosquare is an analytics tool that can help you study and go through your performance reports. This way it helps you grow your business according to the performance you are getting.

This tool informs which posts are performing the best and at what time. You can then schedule your posts in advance and get better results. You can analyze your followers too, with the detailed breakdown provided by Iconosquare.

Over to you

As I mentioned before, Instagram can be an effective marketing tool for your eCommerce website. Its’ heavy user count can help you reach an extended audience in one go. The audience already using Instagram will be tech-savvy and would not mind buying online.

Many brands have already started leveraging Instagram to help them boost their sales and explore endless opportunities to attract more customers. We have already mentioned some of the best tools that you can use for doing so.

If you also want to boost your e-commerce sales, don’t think too much and choose a tool most suitable for you. Plan how you will be working towards your goals and implement them in the best way possible.