/5 Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Bags in Australia for your business in 2021

5 Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Bags in Australia for your business in 2021

In 2021 people are much aware of environmental sustainability and are slowly adapting to an eco-friendly lifestyle by choosing eco-friendly recyclable products over things that harm the environment. Businesses these days also demand stylish and eco-friendly packing bags for their brands to show their concern for the environment. Kraft paper bags are eco-friendly paper bags that got huge attention recently and are high in demand for sustainable packing. These bags are versatile, customizable, and possess durability, tear strength, and dynamic strength. To know more about eco-friendly Kraft bags, we – Go green paper bags curated this article to help you know about eco-friendly kraft bags paper bags and its types in 2021.

What is a Kraft bag?

The Kraft bag is nothing but a strong paper bag made from cardboard or paper board by a chemical pulp process with quantitative 80-120g / m2 and fracture length above 6000m. The bag is solely based on the whole wood pulp paper as raw material with a layer of pp material to conceal the bag from the water. Basic kraft bag is available in yellow-brown, half-or full-bleached light brown but it is available in many colors these days. The bag’s open, handle, design, size, and printing are made and customized according to the need of the business. In common kraft bags are widely used in clothing stores, supermarkets, malls, shoe stores, fancy stores, and many more. As per their need, the bags are produced in bulk and sold in retail or wholesale for the business. Let us see the different types of eco-friendly kraft bags in Australia. 

Brown Kraft Paper bags 

Brown kraft paper bags are a classic bag that most business prefers. They give aesthetic look and could mark your uniqueness in the market. The bags are mostly used by clothing, accessories, and shoe stores for packing their luxury products for customers. Since the bag is made from eco-friendly material they are nontoxic, odorless, and pollution-free. 

White Kraft Paper Bag

White Kraft paper is also the preferred kraft paper bag among small scales businesses and brands. They are white and are mostly used by luxury clothing lines and boutiques for packing clothes and fabrics. The bag can be designed as plain or printed with the business logo. Like brown kraft paper bags, this bag is also made from high-quality material and possesses high durability and strength. At go green paper bags, customers can buy white kraft paper bags in bulk for wholesale price. 

Black Kraft Paper Bags

This is the most unique kraft paper bag and it is well-known for its charming and attractive color. Black is always a color that makes head turns; no doubt black kraft paper bags do the job. Black kraft paper bag is made from the finest raw material with high strength and durability. It is one of the best sellers at go green paper bags and is nontoxic, odorless, and pollution-free.

Lake Blue Kraft Paper Bags

Lake blue Kraft paper bag is an exclusive paper bag of going green paper bags in eye-catching lake blue color. The bag is made from 100% compostable & recyclable eco-friendly material of high quality. Mostly the bags are used by business who offers customized services to their customer. 

Cerise Pink Kraft Paper Bags

Cerise pink is the most unique color kraft paper bag available now. The color is so attractive and makes any business stand out from the crowd. The bag is made from 100% compostable & recyclable eco-friendly material in high quality and they are non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free.

To Conclude

Nowadays, the packaging is considered an important element in business and is preferred by most buyers. So, if you already own a business or establish a new business, eco-friendly kraft paper bags show your business unique and put you ahead of the competitor. We, go green paper bag offers the finest quality kraft paper bags in Australia and caters to all business needs. If you are looking for customized paper bags in Australia bulk for a wholesale price, we got you covered!